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Taken by Anubis

Taken by Anubis
Series: Gods Awaken, Book 0
Genres: Erotica, Horror erotica, Paranormal Erotica
A reluctant virgin priestess finds herself at the mercy of a lustful living god in Taken by Anubis, the first in a new paranormal erotica series, Gods Awaken!
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About the Book

A reluctant virgin priestess finds herself at the mercy of a lustful living god

Sa-Khonsu’s tends the tomb of Pharaoh for the week before it’s sealed forever. Deep beneath the sands of ancient Egypt, she caresses Pharoah’s golden mask one last time and intones a prayer. Her faith and her touch echo beyond this world, and she finds herself in the presence of the jackal-headed god Anubis!

It’s not just the god Anubis who comes to life: burial statues begin to move, surrounding Sa-Khonsu and undressing her with tiny cold hands. A hundred pairs of eyes watch and hard statue hands hold her down as she feels the breath, the touch, and the force of Anubis. Discover what happens when you’re at the mercy of a risen god!

Lose yourself in a compelling new paranormal erotica series

Gods Awakened is a mythological erotic adventure series that follows a single piece of gold as it is forged and reforged over the ages. The gold sees, the gold remembers, and in its presence, the gods awaken! Join a richly-painted journey to ancient Egypt, land of tombs and Pharaohs, in the first book of the series. Then stay tuned for more paranormal erotica stories: you never know what god will turn up next!

Paranormal Erotica Content for Mature Audiences

Taken By Anubis features graphic depictions of sex with an animal-headed god and animated statues. It includes scenes of mild reluctance and light bondage, and is intended for adults.

About the Author
Becca Allyson

Becca Allyson was a paranormal nerd from day one. Her earliest memories aren’t of playing house or visiting parks but of playing haunted house and visiting Victorian graveyards. She’s always on the lookout for signs of the worlds and figures you catch in shadowy glimpses from the corner of your eye on moonlit nights.

She’s always loved writing, too, that feeling of being captured in another life and carried along as the events build to climax. She’s driven to write about those moments and experiences that tie one life to another for eternity. When she’s not in front of her Mac writing or playing a video game, she’s curled up in a recliner with one of her cats and a latte, probably watching Supernatural or Ghost Adventures.

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